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Monsoon Gym - Monsoon HIIT Classes - High-Intensity Interval TrainingMonsoon HIIT workouts are intense sessions focusing on functional, total body movements and conditioning. We vary the training each class. One training may emphasize strength and muscular endurance, while another focuses on cardio and core strength. We use our own body weight, circuits and partner exercises.

The goal of Monsoon HIIT fitness is to train your whole body & the benefits will carry over to virtually any sport!

Monsoon Gym - Monsoon HIIT Classes - Exercise BallBrendan Burger is our HIIT Fitness Instructor and is also a great personal trainer for anyone looking to raise their game in the weight training gym. Working in his native Zimbabwe as a trainer gave him some valuable experience training with loads of people who were looking for ways to reach the next level in various sports. His preferred sport is Boxing. He’s an accomplished fighter who has many fights under his belt in Africa. He found that HIIT training was a fantastic way to increase speed, endurance and core strength. He’s since found that it can address the needs of most any athlete and is happy to impart his knowledge on anyone looking to maximize performance.

HIIT sessions can be packaged with Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu or traditional boxing training.

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10th Planet Koh Tao, Thailand

Officially announcing our next @nogisummit.
6th april 2020, this is going to be our biggest camp to date, come train in paradise with world class coaches & finish of the camp with thai new year celebrations, aka the worlds biggest water fight.

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Big fight on sunday, we will be showing the countdown show at 9am followed by the main card at 10am. Come down & join us for some smoothie bowls, bagels & hopefully mcgregor getting KO'd ...

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Another killer HIIT session in the books, great work guys.
We currently run HIIT every mon-wed-fri at the new time of 6.15pm

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