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As the only 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu affiliate in all of SE Asia (and only the 2nd in all of Asia), Monsoon Gym & FC offers jiu jitsu every evening with a number of skilled and experienced practitioners. 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu was developed by founder Eddie Bravo as one of the first systems to not use the traditional gi. It’s the cornerstone of the ground game that can be seen in MMA promotions such as the UFC, Bellator, WSOF and One FC.

A strong jiu jitsu game is seen as essential to anyone looking to make a name for themselves as a fully-rounded fighter.

At 10th Planet Koh Tao, we drill the fundamentals to all levels, from complete beginner all the way up to seasoned black belts. Periodically, we host some of the top names in the sport for dedicated no gi jiu jitsu camps. We regularly have the top two 10th Planet Instructors, Geo Martinez and Nathan Orchard coming out to conduct intensive training camps. Our resident trainers are all advanced purple and brown belts.
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Mini stomp tonight, great work guys. After being away for a few days its great to back home, appreciate all the work, lets keep it going.

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Great class tonight, working side control sweeps & armbars.
Lets keep up the good work guys.

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Its Sunday so were rolling by the beach again.

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This is gonna be amazing, we can't wait to watch Nathan work.

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❗️Fresh off the press❗️
Posted @withregram • @polaris_professional The lightest participant of our Absolute Grand Prix enters the fray. @Nateorch10p, a black belt under @eddiebravo10p and the reigning @shugyo_invitational champion has stepped forward to face the biggest names in grappling. As 10th Planet's lone representative, Orchard will be looking to shock the world and prove he is one the system's most creative exports.⁠

While Orchard gives up the size advantage, he has never been afraid to face off with bigger opponents and has scored victories against Craig Jones and fellow Grand Prix entrant Mike Perez.⁠

Polaris 13: Absolute Grand Prix⁠
Saturday April 4⁠
ICC Wales, Newport⁠
Live on @ufcfightpass⁠

Tickets - https://bit.ly/2GD0Dvi⁠
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