Muay Thai Training

One of the world’s toughest, most-intense fight sports, Muay Thai training has recently been embraced by martial arts enthusiasts of all disciplines.

The rise of Mixed Martial Arts over past decades has prompted many MMA fighters to come to Thailand to improve their overall fight game. As a means of increasing, stamina, power & striking, there are few sports on the planet to match the results of Muay Thai Training.

Bang, our head trainer at Monsoon Gym, is one of the most experienced Muay Thai trainers in the south of Thailand. Having grown up as a fighter, he’s trained many former Southern Thai & Lumpinee champions. He’s also done stints training at MMA gyms in both Sweden & the USA, overcoming all language barriers.

Known as ‘The art of 8 Strikes’, Muay Thai fighters are skilled in various kicks and punches, as well as elbow & knee strikes from both sides of the body.

Muay Thai training starts with stretching to loosen up, then cardio training- either a light run or a few minutes of skipping rope. This is followed by intermittent bag work & striking with our trainers, usually making five 3-minute rounds. Each round is followed by a 3-minute session of bag work & 3 minutes of rest. At the end you’ll do ab exercises & further stretching. It’s a simple process, but results are achieved quickly.

As you progress, we’ll introduce stand-up grappling skills & throws, and finally we’ll get you into the ring for sparring sessions with other trainees. For those willing to test their skills in a real Muay Thai fight, we’ll arrange that for you at one of the Muay Thai events that happen 3-4 times monthly on Koh Tao.