Gladiator Fitness

Strength / cardio / core / speed & agility / muscle endurance / function

Gladiator workouts are intense sessions focusing on functional, total body movements and conditioning. We vary the training each day. One training may emphasize strength and muscular endurance, while another focuses on cardio and core strength. We use our own body weight, circuits and partner exercises.

The goal of Gladiator fitness is to train your whole body & the benefits will carry over to virtually any sport!

Nadine is our Gladiator Fitness Instructor. Working in her native Holland as a trainer gave her some valuable experience training with loads of people who were looking for ways to reach the next level in various sports. Her preferred sport is Muay Thai. She’s an accomplished fighter who has many fights under her belt in Europe as well as Thailand. She found that Gladiator training was a fantastic way to increase her speed, endurance and core strength. She’s since found that it can address the needs of most any athlete and is happy to impart her knowledge on anyone looking to maximize their performance.

Gladiator sessions run twice daily, 6 days a week & can be packaged with Muay Thai, MMA or traditional boxing training.